Pride Month Artist Series  - Concrete Playground

Pride Month Artist Series - Concrete Playground

Extreme hydration is all the rage in 2024, with emotional support water bottles being lugged around everywhere we go. There's multiple choices for reusable bottles, with most of them ticking over the $50 price range making the simple act of drinking water (without the use of disposal plastic bottles) too expensive for most. That's where Anew comes in.


While Anew does not hold the insular abilities that drink bottles made by the likes of a Frank Green might, it's not your regular Pump bottle either. The baby blue plant-based, dishwasher-friendly bottle has been rolled out across stores, cafes and bars as an alternative to single-use bottles at the very reasonable price of $10.


Anew isn't just passionate about the planet — they're passionate about uplifting creative Kiwis too, something on display (literally) with their new artist series. This will see an artist create a unique design which will then be printed on Anew's drink bottles for a limited time.


To kick off the series, Anew has launched a drink bottle to mark the beginning of Auckland's Pride Month in February, created by queer Kiwi artist Oliver Cain. Cain — also known as CAIN Studios — has produced a design that reflects the artistic themes he has become known for: gender, sexuality, identity and joy.





Using Anew's signature soft blues, Cain has incorporated symbols and words in a darker blue colour, a style Cain uses throughout many of his pieces. "The design features Anew's baby blue bottle with dark blue hues and symbolises the purity and depth of water, to stay true to Anew's environmental ethos," Cain said.


"The incorporation of words serves as a visual representation of Anew's dedication to promoting sustainable practices."


With only 1500 bottles produced per artist, Anew's founder Jayden Klinac said the series gave New Zealanders the opportunity to own an exclusive piece of art at an affordable price. "Our commitment to design, art, the creative community and inclusivity has always been a driving force behind Anew, creating limited edition bottles also means people are more likely to keep their bottles long term," Klinac said.


"CAIN Studio's fun, fresh and captivating design, launching during Auckland Pride Month exemplifies that perfectly."




Oliver Cain's Pride Month Anew drink bottle is available to purchase online and from selected retailers from Thursday, February 1. To find out how to snag one of the 1500 bottles, head to Anew's website.


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