About Us

Anew® is a problem-solving company and single-use bottles are a problem. We created a circular water bottle, and end-to-end packaging company to help solve it.




Every day, we rely on products that come in single-use packaging, such as our favourite beverage, shampoo, milk for our coffee or even food to feed our pets. However, the process of creating this packaging involves the extraction of fossil resources, the generation of greenhouse gas emissions, and the disposal of waste. After a short period of use, this packaging ends up in landfills or is downcycled, creating a never-ending cycle of resource consumption. While the contents of the packaging are essential to us, the packaging itself is often rendered useless after we've used it. Accepting that these items will continue to be used, This is the linear economy that we are bending into a circular one.


Traditional plastic is made from raw materials such as oil or natural gas, which are a non-renewable, finite resource. This is similar to glass, which is made from sand. Once these resources are gone, they are gone forever.


We offer a sustainable option that makes sense. Made in New Zealand from a renewable plant-based material, our bottle comes filled with water and is designed to be refilled and reused.


If returned to one of our collection points, this bottle and its cap will be made into another bottle, locally. Promoting a true circular life-cycle in response to the single-use problem.


Our goal is to keep materials in circulation for as long as possible and enable other businesses to be more sustainable. We provide packaging consultancy, design, manufacturing, bottle collection, washing and recycling. The Anew® packaging system is a convenient bolt-on, circular ecosystem designed to integrate with current infrastructure to enable mass adoption.


Let’s make the world anew, together.