Mojo Coffee


"Mojo Coffee is proud to retail anew® water across all its operations in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Customers often comment on how great our co-branded bottles look and sustainable ethos in retailing them. We are always eager to partner up with great kiwi brands who care about the earth we live in. Thanks Anew and team for all the support!”


    Altitude Tours & Black Tours


    "Our decision to use anew® water bottles for our tours in Queenstown has been very successful. Not only are we helping to reduce single use water bottles, we are able to tell the story and encourage our customers to consider sustainability and the environment as they travel through our country. The water is also well received with lots of positive comments about how smooth it is to drink."


    Slice / Home Ownership


    “I'm so glad we partnered with anew to make custom bottles for our events. Sustainability is an important part of our business and is a primary consideration when developing merchandise or providing products to our audiences. Working with anew was more than sourcing a product, it was a collaboration of sorts that positioned our brand strongly in market.”


    Poronui Lodge


    "We have a couple that has been visiting us for several years now, and they stay 19 nights every November. They would have used 152 standard 500ml plastic bottles throughout their stay, but instead this year they’ve only used 2 anew® bottles! Our US bosses are here this week and I presented some projects yesterday, including the switch to anew®. They LOVED the initiative too."


    Janine - Customer


    "Anew is a miracle water bottle. So light, watertight, durable and cleanable. Better by far than any bottle you can buy in an outdoor shop and at a reasonable price. The cap slides satisfyingly tight shut however many times used. And to top it all, the bottle is made from plants and comes filled with yum water. I see from your website you have a Cain patterned one - I want it!"


    Marcia - Customer


    I just want to share a personal note and feedback from my family: We love using Anew bottles with our kids – game changer for us. They are much lighter and easier to clean for their daily school life. Without saying the cost as kids can lost many bottles a year! My husband also loves to carry it in his sport bag.