We love new things. We buy, use, and then throw them away. This familiar cycle has a familiar downside: waste.


Single-use bottled water is popular because it's handy. We're on the go, thirsty, and don't want to lug around a heavy bottle. And at big events, glass and metal bottles can be more dangerous than useful and also bring large carbon footprints. Single-use packaging might be convenient for us, but it's rather inconvenient for the environment.


This issue begins and ends with the product lifecycle. Single-use items often come from oil-based materials, a limited resource. After use, they end up in landfills, where they stay for far too long. That's why we chose the name Anew. It means new again (and again and again and again!) and that's what we want to achieve.

We use plant-based materials for our bottles, a renewable resource. Through designing our supply chain for circularity, our material is carbon negative.


Our bottles are strong enough to be reused, making them last longer. They're lighter than glass or metal, so they're easy to carry. And we've made them recyclable and created a collection system.


Anew is about circularity. We aim to keep bottles in use for as long as possible, then recycle them into new products. We even created a packaging company to help businesses switch from oil based materials to renewable solutions. Real solutions come when everyday people make small, mindful choices.


Change is never easy. It begins with a new attitude, a new mindset. Let's think Anew.