Anew Packaging

Plant-based, low carbon, recyclable and circular packaging.


You might be an expert at what you do. You are probably really good and perhaps even one of the best, at making the product you sell. Generally, that's the part that matters, what's on the inside, and we go to great lengths to ensure every ingredient is considered, safe and has a purpose.


Chances are however, you might not be a packaging expert and today, the outside, what holds our products, keeps them safe, shows what our brand looks like and is the clothes to your product, is starting to matter just as much.



Packaging can feel like a lose lose game. It's complex and is generally a game of trade offs, leaving very little to get excited about. 


at Anew, we are product people. We understand the complexities of packaging and the importance of design, experience and circularity. We understand that you want to do what you do best and focus on the inside, while not letting your customers or yourself down by have branded pieces of "rubbish". We are here to focus on the outside and ensure your product is packaged and lives, in the most forward thinking, sustainable packaging solution in the world.


Anew packaging is revolutionising consumption through circularity. 


We provide end to end solutions for a range of industries including cosmetics, food, or pharmaceuticals. We can assist with any part of the packaging journey from the conception of a product that needs to be premium, well designed and sustainable, to an established product which you are looking to make changes to lower its carbon footprint, minimise its waste and gain market share of todays consumers.


We will guide you through material selection and design, alongside providing circular end of life collection for New Zealand based products. This provides the option for a transparent end of life where products can be washed for reuse, or turned into new products in NZ. All products that are exported, are able to be recycled in existing infrastructure.


We work with you to create sustainable solutions that excel in design, user experience and represent the premium nature of your product.


anew way forward.